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21st Century Food Storage Introduction - Offers long term food and water storage solutions. Dehydrated and freeze dried storable foods for emergency survival, camping and backpacking.

About Food Storage - The Gourmet Reserves product line is unique in the industry as it provides the largest variety of foods available in shelf-stable cans appropriate for long-term storage. Our menus consist of everyday foods and meals that are enjoyed by adults and children. Various systems are available, tailored to meet the needs of any customer. Our foods are created to be consumed anytime/anywhere with hot or cold water convenience.

About Water Storage - Water that we take for granted when things are normal becomes absolutely critical in times of an emergency. This is an area you can't afford to overlook in your preparedness preparations. Fact: "The human body can't survive even one week without water". In general terms, the human body requires 4 times as much water as food. Therefore, for every pound of food consumed in one day, it is necessary to consume about 4 pounds of water (which is about 1/2 gallon).

ON-LINE STORE - Featuring our complete line of high quality food and water storage products, including pre-designed food systems, individual cans, pouch products and self heating meals.

Food Storage Items Ingredients - A complete product listing of ingredients.

Food Storage Items Nutritional Data - A complete product listing of nutritional data.

Food Storage Items Shelf Life - A complete product listing of shelf life.

Printable Price List/Order Form - A complete product listing including prices and catalog ID numbers.

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