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Product Shelf Life

About Shelf Life

What is the shelf life of preparedness foods? It is impossible to give a definitive answer without knowing how the foods are stored and in what containers.

Extended shelf life is primarily affect by oxygen, fat, moisture, heat and time - the lower the values the better. Excessive quantities of these elements will cause loss of nutritional value, off flavors, odors and rancidity. Handling and physical damage must also be kept to a minimum. Damage to can seams and excessive rust must be avoided. Gourmet Reserves products are sealed in heavy gauge metal cans with an oxygen absorber added.

Proved that proper storage procedures have been followed, we can offer general guidelines as to shelf life expectations of our foods. Once the foods leave our facilities we have no control over storage conditions. So be conscientious and avoid high heat - the cooler the better.

NOTE: Although it is possible that some beans, grains and other types of food will store for long periods of time in ideal conditions, we feel it is inappropriate to promise or suggest shelf lives of any longer than fifteen years. AlpineAire Foods does it best, utilizing the lastest canning techniques and oxygen absorber technology, to insure the longest possible shelf life. Because of the various factors which affect shelf life, of which we have no control, we cannot guarantee that your results will match our estimates. In order to maximize shelf life, do not expose to high or freezing temperatures for an extended amount of time.

Shelf Life of AlpineAire® Food Products in Proper Storage Conditions
Gourmet Resrerves Cans Estimated shelf life in years
Complete Entrees/Soups/Breakfasts/Desserts Most recipes5+
    Recipes containing Shrimp, Brown Rice, Sour Cream, Tuna and Nuts2-5
Cheese Powders5+
Milk, Nonfat8-10+
Beans, Textured Vegetable Protein (TVP)8-10+
Pilot Bread Crackers (ready to eat)10+
Sauces and Seasonings5-10
Sprouting Seeds5-10
AlpineAire Pouch Products
Most Pouches2-4
    Recipes containing Shrimp, Brown Rice, Sour Cream, Tuna and Nuts1-2
Self Heating Meals1-2
Cooking Required Items
Beans & Peas10-15
Scrambling and Omelet Egg Mix5+

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