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This is a complete listing of all our products displayed in one location for your convenience. You may want to print this page(s) out. For detailed product information and ordering, simply go back to our on-line store. You may also order by phone: (636) 279-2155. If you fax in your order simply include a cover sheet with your personal information (name, address, phone number, and payment information) and we will contact you promptly for order confirmation. Thank you.

* Please Note: There is a $100 minimum on food items, and a $100 minimum on non-food items. Nominal shipping cost on all orders within the continental United States.

* Delivery Time: Our current lead time for all products is one to two weeks.


Food Storage Systems : Gourmet Supreme :
____94477Gourmet Supreme One Year System for One Person$4650.00_____
____94478Gourmet Supreme Six Month System for One Person$2480.00_____
____94481Gourmet Supreme Three Month System for One Person$1300.00_____
____94482Gourmet Supreme 45 Day System for One Person$650.00_____

Food Storage Systems : SuperPak :
____94381SuperPak One Year System for Two People$7550.00_____

Food Storage Systems : Versatile :
____94300Versatile One Year System for One Person$2850.00_____
____94308Versatile Six Month System for One Person$1575.00_____

Pouch Products : Meatless Entrees :
____286000Forever Young Macaroni and Cheese w/Vegetables$6.03_____
____286002Leonardo da Fettuccine$6.03_____
____286004Mountain Chili (GF)$6.03_____
____286006Mushroom Pilaf w/Vegetables$6.03_____
____286008Pasta Roma$6.03_____
____286076Potatoes & Cheddar w/Chives (GF)$4.13_____
____286010Santa Fe Black Beans & Rice (GF)$6.03_____
____286012Spaghetti Marinara w/Mushrooms$6.03_____

Pouch Products : Chicken Entrees :
____286022Almond Chicken$7.80_____
____286024Brown Rice & Chicken w/Vegetables$7.43_____
____286026Chicken Gumbo (GF)$7.43_____
____286030Chicken Rotelle$7.80_____
____286153Dijon Chicken$7.43_____
____286141Hawaiian Style Teriyaki Chicken$7.80_____
____286152Hurry Curry Chicken$7.43_____
____286140Pineapple Orange Chicken (GF)$8.32_____
____286034Sierra Chicken$7.43_____
____286050Texas BBQ Chicken w/Beans (GF)$7.80_____

Pouch Products : Turkey Entrees :
____286040Mashed Potatoes & Gravy w/Turkey (GF)$6.65_____
____286046Wild Tyme Turkey$8.32_____

Pouch Products : Beef Entrees :
____286052Beef Rotini$8.32_____
____286048Beef Stroganoff w/Noodles$8.32_____
____286054Black Bart Chili w/Beans (GF)$8.32_____
____286151Pepper Steak w/Rice (GF)$8.32_____
____286056Western Style Tamale Pie w/Beef (GF)$8.32_____

Pouch Products : Side Dishes :
____286064Garden Vegetables (GF)$3.32_____
____286066Garlic Mashed Potatoes (GF)$3.32_____
____286070Mexican Rice w/Cheese (GF)$4.13_____
____286078Refried Mixed Beans w/Cheese (GF)$4.48_____
____286060Sweet Corn (GF)$3.32_____
____286080Vegetable Mix (GF)$3.32_____

Pouch Products : Hearty Soups :
____286082Alpine Minestrone$3.83_____
____286084Cream of Broccoli (GF)$3.83_____
____286086Creamy Potato w/Cheddar (GF)$3.83_____
____286088Kernel's Corn Chowder (GF)$3.83_____
____286090Soup-er Split Pea$3.83_____

Pouch Products : Breakfasts :
____2860925-Grain Fruit & Nut Instant Cereal$3.83_____
____286094All American Roast Beef Hash (GF)$8.32_____
____286096Apple Almond Crisp$3.58_____
____286098Bandito Scramble (GF)$5.23_____
____286100Blueberry Honey Granola w/Milk$4.65_____
____286104Hash Browns Reds & Greens$5.50_____
____286097Honey Apple Granola w/Milk$4.65_____
____286110Scrambled Eggs (GF)$8.32_____
____286112Scrambling & Omelet Egg Mix (GF)$5.50_____
____286114Strawberry Honey Granola w/Milk$4.65_____

Pouch Products : Fruits/Desserts :
____286116Bananas Foster (GF)$7.08_____
____286118Chocolate Hazelnut Bavarian Cream$4.98_____
____286154Chocolate Mudslide$4.98_____
____286155Deep Dish Peach Crumble$6.65_____

Pouch Products : Individual Items :
____286061Beef (GF)$5.42_____
____286059Chicken (GF)$4.98_____
____286063Turkey (GF)$5.42_____

Pouch Products : Lunch Items :
____286023Chicken & Almond Salad w/Crackers$8.32_____

Individual Cans : Meatless Entrees :
____99102Forever Young Macaroni & Cheese$32.99_____
____99111Leonardo de Fettuccine$33.99_____
____99101Mountain Chili (GF)$27.99_____
____99108Mushroom Pilaf w/Vegetables$32.99_____
____99503Potatoes & Cheddar w/Chives (GF)$28.99_____
____99112Santa Fe Black Beans & Rice (GF)$27.99_____
____99104Spaghetti Marinara w/Mushrooms$33.99_____

Individual Cans : Chicken Entrees :
____99309Chicken Gumbo (GF)$42.99_____
____99301Chicken Rotelle$43.99_____
____99302Sierra Chicken$45.99_____
____99406Texas BBQ Chicken w/Beans (GF)$45.99_____

Individual Cans : Turkey Entrees :
____99401Wild Tyme Turkey$45.99_____

Individual Cans : Beef Entrees :
____99404Beef Rotini$42.99_____
____99441Beef Stroganoff w/Noodles$45.99_____
____99407Black Bart Chili w/Beans (GF)$45.99_____
____99405Western Style Tamale Pie w/Beef (GF)$42.99_____

Individual Cans : Hearty Soups :
____99601Alpine Minestrone Soup$28.99_____
____99701Creamy Potato Cheddar Soup (GF)$28.99_____
____99706Kernel's Corn Chowder Soup (GF)$22.99_____
____99603Multi-Bean Soup$28.99_____
____99704Soup-er Split Pea Soup$22.99_____

Individual Cans : Breakfasts/Desserts :
____921965-Grain Instant Hot Cereal$27.99_____
____99901Apple Almond Crisp$24.99_____
____90807Blueberry Honey Granola w/Milk$18.99_____
____90810Granola, Fat Free$22.99_____
____99908Sweet Rice Pudding$27.99_____

Individual Cans : Beef/Poultry/Seafood :
____92109Beef (GF)$75.99_____
____92108Chicken (GF)$69.99_____
____92156Turkey (GF)$75.99_____

Individual Cans : Dairy/Eggs :
____92111Cheddar Cheese Powder$47.99_____
____92992Instant Nonfat Milk Powder (GF)$24.99_____
____92183Scrambled Eggs (GF)$55.99_____
____92101Scrambling & Omelet Egg Mix (GF)$45.99_____

Individual Cans : Beans/Grains :
____92124Black Beans$18.99_____
____92103Macaroni, Vegetable$17.99_____
____92125Navy Beans$21.99_____
____92106Pinto Beans$18.99_____
____92126Rice (GF)$16.49_____
____92161Rice (GF)$14.60_____
____95306Soy Flakes$16.49_____
____92301TVP (Textured Vegetable Protein)$14.99_____
____95307Wheat Flakes, Instant$12.99_____

Individual Cans : Vegetables :
____92104Carrots (GF)$23.49_____
____92105Corn (GF)$26.49_____
____92153Garden Vegetables (GF)$27.49_____
____92107Peas (GF)$26.49_____
____92146Potatoes, Mashed (GF)$12.49_____
____92122Tomato Flakes$27.99_____
____92110Tomato Powder (GF)$43.99_____
____92190Vegetable Mix (GF)$25.49_____

Individual Cans : Fruits :
____92130Apple Flakes (GF)$37.99_____
____92187Apples (GF)$29.99_____
____92133Blueberries (GF)$57.99_____
____92195Date Pieces$22.99_____
____92134Strawberries (GF)$26.99_____

Individual Cans : Beverages/Sweeteners/Other :
____95282Colombian Coffee$45.99_____
____95281Sea Salt$16.49_____

Individual Cans : Ready-to-Eat :
____93405Peanut Butter$39.99_____
____91801Royal Kreem Crackers$20.49_____

Individual Cans : Beans/Grains/Peas - Dry and Uncooked :
____95100Barley, Pearled$17.99_____
____95105Oats, Rolled, Regular$12.99_____
____95141Pinto Beans$21.49_____
____95112Rice, White, Long$21.49_____
____95135Split Peas, Green$18.99_____
____95115Wheat, Hard$16.49_____

Additional Systems and Modules :
____286157Be Ready Pantry®$165.00_____
____94102Beef/Poultry Module$399.00_____

Gourmet Meal Kits :
____2871953 Day Instant Meal Kit$55.99_____
____2861565 Day Instant Meal Kit$94.98_____
____2871967 Day Instant Meal Kit$129.99_____

Water Storage :
____WS05555 Gallon Blue Plastic Water Storage Drum$65.00_____
____WS03030 Gallon Blue Plastic Water Storage Drum$55.00_____
____WSP5PP50P 16 oz. Hand Pump$35.00_____
____WSP50P50P 8 oz. Hand Pump$27.00_____
____WS1HDHeavy Duty Siphon Pump$27.00_____
____WRWAUniversal Aluminum Bung Wrench$22.00_____
____WS0495 Gallon Hedpak Container$15.00_____
____W401C3/4" Faucet for 5 Gallon Hedpak Container$7.50_____
____W21505 Gallon Plastic Pails$9.00_____
____W100PLids for 5 Gallon Pails (with SBR rubber gasket)$4.00_____
____WL805Aluminum Pail Opener$22.00_____
____WSGA5Gamma Seal Lids for 5 Gallon Pails$15.00_____

Water Filtration :
____BK-4X4British Berkefeld® Stainless Steel Water Filter$295.00_____
____SSCF-9Additional "Super Sterasyl" 9" Ceramic Filter Elements$44.00_____
____RPLKITReplacement/Extra Parts Kit$29.00_____

Food Storage Container Products :
____FS05555 Gallon Blue Plastic Bulk Food Storage Drum$85.00_____
____FS375Flexible Plastic Liners for 55 Gal. Bulk Food Storage Drums$6.00_____
____OX300Oxygen Absorbers 300cc - 200ct. per package$57.00_____
____W21505 Gallon Plastic Pails$9.00_____
____W184RFlexible Plastic Liners for 5 Gallon Pails$2.50_____
____W100PLids for 5 Gallon Pails (with SBR rubber gasket)$4.00_____
____WL805Aluminum Pail Opener$22.00_____
____WSGA5Gamma Seal Lids for 5 Gallon Pails$15.00_____

Potassium Iodate :
____POT-IOPotassium Iodate (KIO3) 85 mg Tablets$24.00_____
____POT-ICOne Case of Potassium Iodate (36 Bottles)$576.00_____

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