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These products are prepared by "just adding water". All GOURMET RESERVES® products are packed in #10 size cans (approximately one gallon) or #2 1/2 size cans (approximately one quart).

For detailed information about the content of these products, click on the underlined links below.  (GF) Gluten Free

QuantityProduct NamePrice
Carrots (GF)
Diced, dehydrated carrots.
Corn (GF)
Sweet, freeze dried corn.
Garden Vegetables (GF)
Carrots, peas and corn.
Chopped, dehydrated onions.
Peas (GF)
Freeze dried peas.
Diced, dehydrated potatoes.
Potatoes, Mashed (GF)
Instant mashed potatoes.
Tomato Flakes
Dehydrated tomato flakes.
Tomato Powder (GF)
Great for making homestyle sauce or juice.
Vegetable Mix (GF)
A medley of carrots, peas, onions, celery, red and green bell peppers.

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