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These products are prepared by "just adding water". All GOURMET RESERVES® products are packed in #10 size cans (approximately one gallon) or #2 1/2 size cans (approximately one quart).

For detailed information about the content of these products, click on the underlined links below.

QuantityProduct NamePrice
5-Grain Instant Hot Cereal
Five grains with apples make up this instant cereal.
Apple Almond Crisp
A delicious and healthy dish made with granola, dates, apples, honey, almonds and cinnamon.
Blueberry Honey Granola w/Milk
Tart sweet blueberries enliven rolled oats, almonds, sunflower seeds, honey and milk.
Granola, Fat Free
Our own blend of rolled wheat, rolled barley & honey.
Sweet Rice Pudding
Rice with maple and spice.

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