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7 Day Instant Meal Kit
Catalog ID: 287196

Day 1Day 2Day 3
Apple Almond Crisp Strawberry Honey Granola w/Milk All American Roast Beef Hash
Chicken Salad w/Crackes Peanut Butter w/Crackers Alpine Minestrone Soup
Pasta Roma Beef Rotini Mountain Chili
Chocolate Mud Slide
Day 4Day 5Day 6
Blueberry Honey Granola w/Milk Hash Browns Reds & Greens 5-Grain Fruit & Nut Cereal
Cheese and Crackers Soup-er Split Pea soup Kernel's Corn Chowder soup
Western Style Tamale Pie w/Beef Santa Fe Black Beans & Rice Chicken Rotelle
Banana Foster Peach Crumble
Day 7
Honey Apple Granola w/Milk
Potatoes & Cheddar w/Chives
Spaghetti Marinara w/Mushrooms
Chocolate Hazelnut Bavarian Cream

* Proper storage requires conditions that are cool. Extended periods of exposure to heat will decrease shelf-life.

Outdoor AdventureIn the KitchenEmergency Situations
Family camping Cabins (storage for just-in-case) Corporate contingency planning
Fishing / Hunting RV's Family contingency planning
Expeditions Homes (hurricanes/earthquakes/snowed in)
Marine (boating/cruising) College Travel (just-in-case)

Price: $129.99


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